Moreover I am fantasist, researcher, artist, musician, producer, adventurer, traveller, I love nature, I love people, I love life. I am obsessed by exploring the sense of everything around and love to have this opportunity – be the Creator.

I grew up with technologies and computers – since the Commodore 64, I have had a huge interest in information technologies, and these days, I pretty well know how computers, software, databases, networks, and the whole 0 and 1 infrastructure work and how elements in digital infrastructure communicate. Despite I grew up in a strong common sense and math logic sphere, I am extremely open-minded to philosophic studies and alternative scenarios of anything in work, or in life.

I have a huge enthusiasm to learn. I passed an extreme ride of 25 years of bohemian lifestyle by doing things that I love. Since 1996 when started my “punky” years and a few years of experience with psychedelic drugs. Later passed through a hard-rock musician career – the time of endless parties of life. After, I moved to the corporate business – the time of creative self-organization and grew up to professional management. And finally, in 2013 I opened my the first own business, the time of self-realisation.

These days, I am the owner of several globally operating companies, meanwhile doing management consulting for big corporations and small startups to help them grow, operate, and automate. I do the process and project management kind of work, in the meantime, I often like to go the super-admin kind of work and help to set up/configure the process in applications.


  • Program & Project Management
  • Business Systems Management
  • Product & Brand Development
  • Market Research & Competition
  • SEO, SEM, and Online Competition
  • Media, PR and Presentation
  • Budgeting & Cost Reporting
  • Policies & Procedures Development
  • Services, Product & Project Delivery
  • Reporting & Management Presentation




Business as an Art Group logo

Founder supervising the executive management consulting network responsible for marketing and pre-sales. Leading multilingual team of senior executive management. Network covers executive, management, finance, and business performance management services that includes business development, and operations management for small/mid business size of B2B market segment. Managing customer’s product, marketing and sales related projects.

MYAUDIT.ORG | PRAGUE | 🇪🇺 EU | 2020 - now


Assessment platform to test or audit everything in the business or personality. Over 10.000 questions, 800 hundred categories, and 2.400 answers. Overseeing the overall operations, functionality, and user experience. Coordinating with development teams, ensuring the platform’s reliability and security. Designing and implementing assessment features and staying updated on trends to enhance the platform’s competitiveness. Collaborating with sales and marketing teams to promote the platform, address customer needs, and continuously improve assessment tools and processes.

PUMP IT UP | PRAGUE | 🇨🇿 CZ | 2021 - now

IT Automation Consultant

Overseeing the automation pipeline for software development. Implementing processes to maintain tools for code integration, testing, and deployment. Collaboration with development and operations teams to streamline the software delivery process, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and quality. Monitoring performance, troubleshooting issues, and continuously improving automation workflows to enhance the software development lifecycle.

BEIT.IO | PRAGUE | 🇨🇿 CZ | 2020 - now

Marketing Executive

Developing and implementing marketing strategies and processes to promote BeiT products. Conducting market research, identifying target audiences, creating advertising campaigns, managing social media presence, and analyzing data to measure success. Collaborating with cross-functional marketing, PR, and vendor activities. Often interaction with Sales processes. Coordinating and overseeing public relations efforts and staying updated on industry trends to ensure effective marketing strategy.



Akademie Mentální výchovy reference logo. Mental health academy

A non-profit organization interacting with schools to enable Learning to breathe from childhood and open the whole world through yourself. Overseeing the overall operations, content development, and user experience. Collaborate with educators and content creators. Developed engaging and effective mental education courses. Strategic planning, marketing initiatives, and staying abreast of educational trends to enhance the academy’s offerings. Fostering a positive online learning environment, addressing user feedback, and continuously improving the platform’s features.

TALKERIAN.COM | PRAGUE | 🇪🇺 CZ | 2019 - now


A platform for researching the Purpose of Life driven by the community. Overseeing the platform’s content, user experience, and engagement. Collaborate with content creators, spiritual leaders, and experts to provide meaningful and diverse perspectives. Fostering a supportive online community, curating valuable resources, and ensuring the platform facilitates exploration and self-discovery.

VOLSOR | PRAGUE | 🇪🇺 CZ | 2019 - 2020

Business Operations Consultant

Optimizing and streamlining various aspects of the company’s operations. Assessing and improving workflow efficiency, implementing best practices in affiliate marketing processes, and identifying opportunities for cost reduction. Providing strategic recommendations for growth and collaborating with cross-functional teams. Designing and implementing operational policies, ensuring compliance, and staying updated on industry trends to enhance overall work effectiveness.

CITYCOIN.IO | PRAGUE | 🇪🇺 CZ | 2018 - 2019


City Coin Project on Ethereal platform reference logo

Founder of City Coin cryptocurrency maintained on the Ethereum network. Developed a service/product-based company strategy, managing development, operations, and overall coordination of 12 people. A wrong direction was predetermined for the big fail, but in the meantime, this was the biggest business experience in my life. I still have those city coins 😉



Guiding the implementation of technology and data-driven solutions to enhance urban living. Work with city officials, stakeholders, and technology experts to develop and execute strategies for smart city initiatives. Advising on infrastructure projects, IoT implementations, data analytics for urban planning, and sustainable practices. Fostering collaboration between different departments, ensuring the integration of smart technologies, and promoting innovation for improved city services and overall quality of life.

ABOUT SMART CITIES | PRAGUE | 🇪🇺 CZ | 2017 - now


A web-based content platform about cities, their quality, and their ratings. Delivering innovative information to city stakeholders focusing on citizens (people). Overseeing both the operational aspects and the research and development efforts of the platform. Ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, managing resources, and optimizing processes. Explore innovative features and improvements and stay ahead of industry trends. Product planning, technology assessments, and maintaining a balance between stability and innovation in the platform’s development. 



Founder and leading overall company management. The company serves professional services for worldwide sales and procurement networks for Smart Cities developers. Managing strategy and execution, public relations, finance, policies, governance, procurement, and development. Controlling the overall company operations.

HOME CREDIT BANK | ALMATY | 🇰🇿 KZ | 2014 - 2018


Chief Information Officer leading Information Technologies department by multilingual team of 150 people, covered operations and professional IT services for 22 regions of Kazakhstan, for over 5500 employees. Managed IT policies, governance, projects, procurement, physical and virtual infrastructure, operations, technical support, system analysis, development, testing, implementation and overall delivery process. Delivered many bank key projects in areas of Sales performance, Digital sales, CRM ERP, Collection and Call Centre. During first two years successfully implemented complete IT department structure and policies.

NVISION GROUP | NEW DELHI | 🇮🇳 IN | 2012 - 2014

Project Director

of Shyam Telecom project leading international, multilingual team of 105 employees. Managing operations and professional services for OSS/BSS systems for over the 15 Million subscribers. Developed and tuned sustainable Change management process.

JSC SITRONICS | CHENNAI | 🇮🇳 | 2010 - 2012

Director of Operations

of Shyam Telecom project leading international, multilingual team of 75 employees. Managing operations of OSS/BSS system with 5 Millions of active subscribers. Deep intellectual and organizational participation of 10 Million subscribers migration. Development of a local branch and business processes. Implementation and integration of local managed services and operations.


Service Delivery Manager

of EMEA region OSS/BSS services support and delivery for Warid Telecom providing services for 5 Million active subscribers. Managed multilingual team of 55 employees per contracted KPIs.

JSC SITRONICS | KAMPALA | 🇺🇬 UG | 2008 - 2009

Service Delivery Manager

of EMEA region OSS/BSS services support and delivery for Warid Telecom providing services for 3.5 Million active subscribers. Managed multilingual team of 55 employees per contracted KPIs.

STROM TELECOM | LAHORE | 🇵🇰 PK | 2007-2008

Project Manager

of Wateen Telecom implementation project leading product and business process development and delivery. Provided professional services and billing operations for 2 Million active subscribers.

STROM TELECOM | PRAGUE | 🇨🇿 CZ | 2006-2007

Project Manager

of Product development team managing Billing and Inter-partner billing system development and functionality delivery for a key Telecom service providers MTS Russia, MTS Belorussia, MTS Ukraine, Callax Germany, Vodafone Czech Republic. Application and new features development. Active team participation with different project teams.

FUJITSU | PRAGUE | 🇨🇿 CZ | 2004-2006

Deputy Head of Logistics Department

coordinating products and spare parts delivery for different projects and key clients support & maintenance. Participation on 3COM Europe support services migration from Canada to Germany. Logistics participation and coordination of delivery of systems for biometric passports implementation for Ministry of Interior.

FK Technics | PRAGUE | 🇨🇿 CZ | 2001-2004

Deputy Head of Logistics Department

Conrad reference logo
Deputy of logistics department head coordinating warehouse extension, development, services automation and supply chain management procedures. Participation of new warehouse development. Leading logistic software analysis and implementation.

SIEMENS | BRATISLAVA | 🇸🇰 SK | 1999-2001

Technical Specialist

As a part-time job, technical support work of pre-delivery preparation and implementation of billing systems for key stores and warehouses of Tesco, Carrefour, Billa. Hardware delivery, software and network configuration.


Self-motivated, creative, good communication, well trained sense for organization, task management and controlling.
Powerful leadership with a natural authority. Proven gained analytical and forecasting methods with a strong-disciplined approach of new strategies implementation. T-shaped proficiency based on strong IT background.


English (fluent), Russian (fluent), Czech (fluent), Slovak (native)


Strategy, management, psychology literature, information technologies, inventions, space, quantum physics and theories. Writing and producing instrumental music. Playing multiple musical instruments. Traveling and adventure searching. Meditation, purpose of life research and experience.